A ‘serial rapist’ is accused of murdering a woman he held in a torture dungeon after her remains were found in a barrel two years after another victim he chained and attacked managed to escape

A ‘serial rapist’ is accused of murdering a woman he held in a torture dungeon after her remains were found in a barrel two years after another victim he chained and attacked managed to escape

  • Timothy Haslett has been in custody since 2022 on charges of sexual assault
  • Now he is accused of murdering a woman he held captive in his sex dungeon.
  • Haslett faces the death penalty

A man with a history of posting racist and misogynist content online, and who is already serving a sentence for committing brutal sex crimes in a home dungeon, has now been charged with murder.

Timothy Haslett Jr., 41, was first arrested in late 2022 when a 22-year-old Black woman came to the home of one of his neighbors and said she had escaped his suburban Kansas City sex dungeon after a month of captivity.

On Tuesday, Clay County Prosecutor Zachary Thompson announced that Haslett is now charged with first-degree murder in the death of 36-year-old sex worker Jaynie Crosdale. Her body was found in a barrel in a Missouri river in June 2023. She had been shot.

The 22-year-old victim previously told investigators that Haslett mentioned two other black women he had kidnapped but “they didn’t survive.”

That victim said Haslett regularly drugged her, forced her to perform sexual acts, rarely fed her, and liked to dress in women’s underwear in her presence. Thompson described Haslett’s behavior as “barbaric.”

Timothy Haslett of Excelsior Springs, Missouri, previously charged with rape, kidnapping and assault, will now face murder charges
Jaynie Crosdale, 36, was found dead in a barrel in the Missouri River in June 2023.

Haslett was linked to Crosdale’s death after the barrel she was found in was spotted in photos investigators took of his home. A photo of the murdered woman in his dungeon was also found, officials said.

When the woman’s body was found, her cousin, Nikiyah Crosdale, told KCUR that the victim, known as J-Bird, was “full of energy and life.”

The Case Against Timothy Haslett Jr.

October 2022: A 22-year-old black woman says she escaped from Timothy Haslett Jr.’s suburban Kansas City sex dungeon after a month of captivity during which she was sexually abused.

November 2022: Following his arrest, Haslett’s ex-wife is seeking full custody of the child. During a custody hearing, she denies the allegations against him.

January 2023: Police announce that Jaynie Crosdale is being considered as a witness in the case against Haslett.

February 2023: Haslett appears in court for the first time and pleads not guilty to the charges brought against him.

June 2023: Kayakers find Jaynie Crosdale’s remains in a barrel on the Missouri River. She had been shot. Officials confirm shortly thereafter that they are looking into Haslett in connection with the killing.

July 2024: Haslett was officially charged with Crosdale’s murder in Missouri, which has the death penalty.

Prosecutors believe she was murdered in June 2022. Her body was found by kayakers on the Missouri River. Before that discovery, she had been considered a potential witness in the original case.

The case against Haslett began in October 2023, when surviving victim Haslett was brought to a home in the Excelsior Springs community, scarred, hungry, and wearing a garbage bag and metal collar around her neck.

She managed to escape when he took one of his children to school. Shortly after his arrest, his ex-wife filed for full custody of the couple’s young child.

The woman recounted what happened to nurse Lisa Johnson, Haslett’s neighbor, describing the suspect’s sex dungeon, which was equipped with shackles, weapons including stun guns, and cameras.

She said Haslett paid her $350 to go home with him. After she got into his truck, she accused Haslett of pulling a gun on her and forcing her to perform sex acts on him. He then drugged her, causing her to lose consciousness.

The victim testified that once inside the house, she was abused and tortured daily and was forced to use a bucket as a toilet.

“It was like a quiet, ‘Help me,’” Johnson told in 2022. “I looked out the clear door and saw a girl leaning over on the stairs.

“I could see right away that she was in serious trouble – she looked like something out of a horror movie.

She had a homemade metal contraption wrapped tightly around her neck, and there was duct tape that she had pulled from her face, covering her mouth.

“Her wrists and ankles were broken. You could see she had been tied up and beaten. The wounds on her body, wrists and ankles were actually bleeding.”

After her rescue, investigators found a Samsung phone with photos and videos of the dungeons and the women held captive.

“The physical, mental and sexual torture described by the defendant’s surviving victim is brutal and barbaric,” Thompson said.

The 22-year-old victim said she only managed to escape on Friday, October 7, when Haslett, 39, dropped her child off at school
Law enforcement has put up a fence around Haslett’s run-down rental home where he allegedly held the woman captive since September.
Upon entering the property, Excelsior Springs police officers said they found a room in the basement that matched the victim’s description.

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“When crimes like this occur in our community, it can be devastating. I want the citizens of Clay County to know that the men and women of the Clay County Prosecutor’s Office work hard, both inside and outside the courtroom, to keep them safe and to bring justice to them.”

As a result of her statements, Haslett was charged with rape, kidnapping, and aggravated assault. He pleaded not guilty in 2023. His bail was set at $5 million.

Despite claims that two of his kidnapping victims were killed, Haslett has so far been charged with only one murder. Missouri is a death penalty state.