Shocking moment Nigel Farage threw CEMENT at him in a terrifying attack on the campaign trail

In a shocking attack on the election campaign trail today, NIGEL Farage threw ‘cement’ at him.

The Reform UK leader, 60, was pelted by an idiot in Barnsley town center on Tuesday as he rode in an open-top battle bus to his event.

Farage avoids objects as he rides an open-top bus in Barnsley todaySource: PA
Yob was photographed throwing wet cement at FarageSource: PA
Wet cement had apparently been thrown away from a nearby work siteSource: X/@Nigel_Farage
The bandit threw a cup of coffee and its contents at the leader of the British Reform organizationSource: X/@Nigel_Farage

Farage, who was caught dodging flying objects, said wet cement from a nearby work site and a cup of coffee with its contents were thrown.

The police stopped and arrested a man who chanted: “Scum, scum, scum.”

Farage said police warned him not to walk in Barnsley this morning and that’s why he took the bus.

Asked by The Sun how he was feeling, he replied: “Yes, it was quite miserable in Barnsley this morning.

“Thank God for the local police who told me, look, you know, we were on a big, open-top, double-decker bus.

“I was going to get off and walk around the main square in Barnsley.

“The police informed us very early, it wouldn’t be a good idea. Yes, something like a crowd came.

“By the way, protest is allowed. The protest is part of that democratic process I talked about earlier.

“But the protest has to be within certain boundaries and for a reason.

“The protest is not about throwing cement at me or even stones at the bus. This is a brutal and deliberate protest.

“You can agree with me or not, that’s fine. I don’t mind if someone on the street shouts insults at me, I’ll probably shout it back, that’s fine.

“But when it comes to violence, it actually poses a real threat to the entire democratic process.

“It was pretty nasty this morning. If I had gotten off the bus, I would probably have been in the hospital. It’s so terrible.”

Footage from the roof of the bus shows Farage running down the stairs and disappearing from sight after the attack.

Reform UK members cheered and clapped as the suspect was handcuffed.

Farage said: “I had a similar incident that happened last week on Tuesday. They tried to silence me.

“There was an attempt by a violent left-wing mob, who, by the way, were not from Barnsley.

“They have names like Jocasta and Sebastian and mum and dad are very rich and live in Cheshire and Surrey.

“And these are the people who are involved in the Just Stop Oil protests and so on.

“And look, you know, I’m used to it. I’ve lived with this longer than anyone else.

“But it’s funny, you see, when it happened to me, no one cared.

“When this happens to Labor or Conservative politicians, everyone says it’s unbelievable.”

Farage added: “Well, I’ll just take it. You know what?

“I will not allow a bunch of students whose brains have been poisoned at university with their leftist ethos to shut down democratic debate in this country.

“If they think they can scare me, they are wrong.”

Speaking from inside the bus, Farage said: “I’ll tell you what I’m worried about.

“A week after the D-Day commemoration, which was held so that we could live in a democracy where we can disagree and be very passionate, we now have a mob that wants to shut down all debates.”

Asked if those who throw objects at politicians should go to jail, he replied: “Should this guy throw concrete this morning and others throw stones?

“Should they be fined a small amount and released from prison? The answer must be no.

Farage said leaders of other parties were afraid to meet the public in the same way as he did.

He said: “The reason this is directed at me is because I am the only political leader who actually meets with the people.

“I’m the only one who’s willing to walk through the crowd and, you know, endure a little bit of violence.”

South Yorkshire Police said: “We arrested a 28-year-old man today on suspicion of disorderly conduct in connection with a disturbance in Barnsley town centre.

“The man is believed to have thrown items from a nearby construction site.

“The suspect was quickly arrested and remains in police custody.”

The former UKIP leader thanked the armed forces and vowed not to be “persecuted”.

The moment Nigel Farage crashes into a party bus after being doused with a milkshake

He said: “I offer a huge thank you to South Yorkshire Police today.

“I will not be intimidated or intimidated by a violent leftist mob that hates our country.”

Former UK reform leader Richard Tice added: ‘The left-wing thugs don’t want democracy to win.

“A big thank you to the police. Second attack in 7 days.”

It is understood that police warned Farage not to get on the bus ahead of the parade.

This happened just a week after he was sprayed in the face with a milkshake.

Victoria Thomas-Bowen, 25, was arrested after throwing a banana drink in Farage, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, on June 4.

The OnlyFans model was later charged with assault by beating causing actual bodily harm.

Thomas-Bowen is due to appear at Colchester Magistrates’ Court on July 2.

This is the second time the Brexit champion has been cheated – in 2019 in Newcastle he was doused from head to toe.


WHEN some smiling pea-brain threw a milkshake in Nigel Farage’s face, a storm broke out in the mad basket of the Labor left.

“Work of art!” – one Corbynista commentator exclaimed.

The social media platforms of Stand Up To Racism, chaired by Diane Abbott, were flooded with crying emojis and helpless laughter.

And you can’t stop wondering.

Would a milkshake thrown into, say, Diane Abbott’s face be as funny? Of course not. That would be outrageous!

But we’ve been here before.

“I wonder why bother with a milkshake when you can get some battery acid?” – joked comedian Jo Brand on BBC Radio 4 in 2019.

The BBC later ruled that Brand’s “joke” about throwing battery acid at a politician “went beyond what was appropriate” – it’s not a joke! – but “it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.”

But in a country where politicians from both major parties have been murdered in recent years, Brand’s comments sounded like incitement to violence.

In a country where the memory of Labour’s Jo Cox – shot three times in 2016 – and the Conservative Party’s David Amess, stabbed in 2021, is still fresh, making light of the physical assault of any politician should be a headache.

This pious hypocrisy stinks.

This is a cowardly double standard.

I hold no candle for Reform UK.

Every vote for Nigel Farage’s protest party is an act of national self-harm. The reform will not reform anything.

Your vote for Reform means that we will be ruled by Keir Starmer and his high-tax, knee-bending comrades for five – or ten – years.

But the abuse of Farage disgusts me.

This ritual humiliation is counterproductive.

Is throwing a milkshake at Farage’s face supposed to make him crawl away?

That won’t happen, comrade.

This milkshake has now sealed Farage’s success in the eyes of voters.

Bookmakers – always the most reliable political experts – say Farage has a good chance of becoming Clacton’s MP in the general election.

And with Reform neck and neck with the Tories in the polls, Farage can afford to laugh it off, cheerfully raising a McDonald’s milkshake as if it were a pint of his beloved IPA.

I believe that the creation of reform will be harmful to this country.

If the patriotic, pro-business right is divided, the patriotic, pro-business right will surely be defeated.

If, as the polls suggest, all these disillusioned former working-class Tory voters come over to the Reform side, then they will soon be living under a Labor government they will despise with all their hearts.

I don’t think Reform is going to bury the Conservative Party in this or that election.

Because I suspect Reform’s talent base is small and their motley crew of colorful candidates will look much less appealing in close-up.

But this pea milkshake ensured that Reforma would have at least one MP.

Farage was driving through Barnsley town center when he was attackedSource: X/@Nigel_Farage
The police detained a 28-year-old manSource: Dean Atkins
A coffee cup was smashed when it was thrown at the bus
Police warned Farage not to get on an open-top bus on TuesdaySource: PA
Last week, Farage threw him a banana milkshakeSource: EPA
Victoria Thomas-Bowen allegedly threw a banana milkshake