Live News: Jury finds Hunter Biden guilty of all charges in armed trial

For the past week or so, I have been sitting in a Wilmington courtroom, sometimes sitting just a few rows behind Hunter Biden.

Biden remained stoic throughout much of the trial, even as the court showed very personal evidence and details of his struggles with drug addiction. He took copious notes and conferred with his legal team from time to time.

The row behind him was reserved for members of his family, which yesterday included First Lady Jill Biden, his sister Ashley Biden, his uncle and aunt James Biden, and Valerie Biden, the president’s siblings.

His wife, Melissa Cohen Biden, is a regular. Most days he entered the courtroom holding her hand, and during breaks he would occasionally glance at her and then stand up to embrace her.

At times, some Biden family members and their supporters in court seem uncomfortable with what they hear.

Several visibly bristled at the prosecutor’s reference to “four years of active addiction” and shook their heads angrily.