Rawlings® and Grateful Dead announce new glove collaboration

The iconic baseball brand releases a limited edition of gloves featuring the legendary rock band

ST. LOUIS, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, Inc., the official game ball, glove, helmet, face shield and staple of Major League Baseball® and creator of the famous Rawlings Gold Glove Award®announced a long-awaited collaboration with the Grateful Dead to create three limited edition glove models with widely recognizable logos and designs associated with the generation-spanning music group. The gloves have fallen exclusively on at 11:00 EST ON June 6vol and are also available at the “Rawlings Experience”, the brand’s flagship location in St. Louis, MO.

“We enjoyed our partnership with the Grateful Dead given that we both have a long history of innovation that we have leveraged over several decades to attract new fans,” said Eric Reinsfelder, Rawlings’ vice president of brand and sports marketing . “Our new collection of Grateful Dead gloves is the perfect combination of pioneering design with the nostalgic elements of two iconic American brands.”

The three models include limited edition Rawlings gloves, with the “Skull and Roses”, “Dancing Bears” or “Steal Your Face” logos, which have become popular over the years with loyal fans of the Grateful Dead, also known affectionately as “Dead Heads”. These REV1X series gloves are characterized by a synthetic back equipped with a unique technology that provides a solid, three-dimensional shape with a leather heart® leather palm for extra durability and quality. Additionally, each glove has an optimized mesh structure that provides variable stiffness in the little finger and thumb area, significantly reducing weight. A laceless design combined with an adaptive fit system ensures ultimate off-road ability and a custom, tailored fit. In addition, each glove in the collection has an individual number.

Official premiere of the “Rawlings x the Grateful Dead” glove collection. Thursday, June 6vol On 11:00 a.m. Eastern time exclusively on and at the “Rawlings Experience”, the brand’s newly opened flagship location in St. Louis, MO. Gloves sold at retail $449.95 120 pieces of each of the three models available for sale.

About Rawlings
Founded in 1887, Rawlings is an innovative, leading global brand and manufacturer of premium baseball and softball equipment, including gloves, balls and protective headgear. Rawlings’ unrivaled quality, innovative engineering and expert craftsmanship are the primary reasons why more professional athletes, national governing bodies and sports leagues choose Rawlings. Rawlings is the official baseball, glove, helmet, face shield and home base of Major League Baseball®the official baseball of Minor League Baseball® and official NCAA baseball and softball® and NAIA®.

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About the grateful dead
The Grateful Dead is a social and musical phenomenon that has grown into a true American treasure. In 1965, shared ideals united an entire generation, gathering in the hundreds and thousands. The move created a seamless bond between the band and its fans. As the band toured, Dead Heads followed. Not because it was part of popular culture, but because it is a true counterculture that exists today and sincerely believes in the value of its beliefs. By 1995, the Grateful Dead had attracted the most audiences in the history of the music industry and today remains one of the all-time leaders in concert ticket sales. Eventually, the caravan evolved into a community of diverse artists, craftsmen and entrepreneurs, meeting the growing demand for goods that connected them to music. Today this bond is as strong as ever. In 1994, the band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and received a GRAMMY Award® Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007. Their final tally of 2,318 concerts remains a world record. The Grateful Dead recently celebrated their 60th album reaching the Top 40 on the Billboard charts, a feat no other group has achieved.

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