American Samoa Republican Club Results 2024

American Samoa held its Republican Party meeting on Friday – days after former President Donald Trump’s only remaining primary opponent, Nikki Haley, suspended her campaign.

Based on the results of the Republican Party of American Samoa, ABC News reports that Trump will win.

The club took place from 11:30 PM on Friday to 2:30 AM on Saturday EST.

The American Samoa Democratic Caucus took place earlier this week on Super Tuesday, and President Joe Biden suffered his first defeat – and to a surprise candidate.

A little-known candidate, Jason Palmer, prevailed over Biden, although the overall vote was slim: less than 100 votes.

The importance of territory

American Samoa is a territory of the United States, not a state, and therefore does not cast electoral votes for President of the United States. However, it organizes presidential clubs.

American Samoa has 11 delegate votes in the Democratic National Convention and nine delegates in the Republican National Convention.

In 2020, the Democratic winner was former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg; in 2016, the last contested Republican caucus, Trump won.