The Peach Truck now sells fresh peaches in Houston malls

The Peach Truck now sells peaches at various locations throughout Houston

The Peach Truck now sells peaches at various locations throughout Houston

The fishing truck

This summer, the Peach Truck is bringing orchard-fresh fruit to malls, farmers markets, mattress stores and other locations across the Houston area, with several opportunities to find the juicy treats this weekend.

The Nashville-based company delivers fresh peaches to more than 25 states for local pickup and ships them for delivery across the United States.

Representatives for the Peach Truck were not immediately available for comment.

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How did the Peach Truck start?

The Peach Truck was founded by Stephen and Jessica Rose in 2012 when they discovered that peaches at their local grocery store lacked freshness and sweetness.

Stephen Rose craved the peaches from the Georgian orchards of his upbringing and the couple decided to build a small empire, according to the company’s website.

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Partnering with a local farm in Rose’s hometown of Peach County, the Roses loaded their ’68 Jeep with hand-picked peaches and brought them back to Nashville.

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The Rose’s sold 10 tons of peaches in the first five weeks and haven’t looked back since.

Where do peaches come from?

The company now partners with farms located in optimal climates for growing peaches, and each fruit is picked, inspected and delivered within days of being on a tree.

When is peach season?

Different varieties can be grown in some areas of the United States year-round, but summer is peak peach picking season.

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Where do peaches grow?

Georgia, California, North and South Carolina, Florida, Idaho, New Jersey, Colorado.

What to look for in a good catch

Color: It’s not the reddish color of blush, it’s just the result of sun exposure. A good peach should be a deep golden yellow color with no green.

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Scent: A good peach smells like a good peach, according to the Peach Truck website. If there is no smell, chances are the peach is lacking in flavor as well.

Touch: A good peach should feel soft to the touch if pressed gently.

Skin: The skin of a peach is a reliable indicator of its quality and ripeness. If there are wrinkles around the stem, it means that water has started to evaporate from the peach and the sweetness has intensified and it is ready to eat.

The Peach Truck at Baybrook Mall

The truck will sell peaches from the orchard from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. through August.

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Scheduled dates: June 17, July 8, July 29, August 19

Where to find The Peach Truck in the Houston area

The trucks will sell peaches from the orchard at different times and locations through August. Here are some key moments from this week.

Baybrook Shopping Center, 500 Baybrook Shopping Center, Friendswood, June 17

Bass Pro Shops, 1000 Bass Pro Dr, Houston, June 13

Heights Plaza, 239 W 20th St, Houston, June 13

Northshore Mall, 1122-1258 Uvalde Rd, Houston, June 14

Baytown Shopping Center, 3407-3517 Garth Rd, Baytown, TX. June 14.

American Freight Furniture and Mattress, 11051 East Fwy, Houston, June 14

Old Pearland Farmers Market, 4141 Bailey Rd, Pearland, June 15

Tractor Supply Co., 4200 Pasadena Blvd., Pasadena, June 16

Tanger Outlets, 5885 Gulf Fwy, Texas City, June 21

For a full list of locations and times, go here.