Norman Reedus has confirmed rumors about the filming location of Daryl Dixon’s third season


  • The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon
    Season 3 has been confirmed to be filmed in Spain by Norman Reedus, which means a major location change.
  • Season 2, with subtitles
    Karol’s book
    will start on September 29, 2024, and the action will still take place in France, where Daryl’s further adventures will continue.
  • Something will probably happen in season 2 that will motivate the main characters to start their journey to Spain, it will probably have to do with
    or zombie variants.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Rumors about the location of the third season of the series have been confirmed, and Norman Reedus revealed where the next season of the series will take place. Daryl Dixon season 2, with subtitles Karol’s book, will premiere on AMC and AMC+ on September 29, 2024, and will follow Daryl’s continuing adventures in France. However, it was unclear whether the series would remain in France for the upcoming season 3 or if a new location would be introduced as the story progressed.

I am talking with American rider about his upcoming film BikersReedus confirmed this Daryl Dixon The third season will be shot in Spainconfirming that the location is rumored to be the next stop in the zombie spinoff.

It starts at 2:44 when he is asked about filming more episodes of his reality show Ride with Norman Reedusthe actor revealed that he is “traveled to Spain to film more of the Daryl Dixon spin-off” He confirmed that this will be part of the show’s third season, which means there will be a major location change after the show’s upcoming season.

Spain first appeared during
The walking dead
special comic book “The Alien” starring Rick Grimes’ brother, Jeffrey.

What Daryl Dixon’s location change means for seasons 2 and 3

Daryl on the radio With Carol next to Carol covered in blood on The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon season 1 ended with Daryl choosing to stay in France with Isabelle and Laurent, apparently to continue contributing to the Nest and their survival. However, as season 2 promotional materials show, he is still at war with Pouvoir, which will seemingly reveal where he and his group are in the upcoming episodes. This makes France an extremely dangerous place for him and the people he meets. Still, Carol is probably on her way abroad, and her appearance resembles the home the show’s heroine left behind.

If the third season is set in Spain, it means that something unexpected will happen in the upcoming episodes. Whatever happens it will be big enough for the cast Daryl Dixon escape from France as a whole, the country will likely become too dangerous for them to remain. Although it may have something to do with Laurent being hunted by Pouvoirthis may also be due to the development of zombie variants. While quick and sour versions have been introduced so far, unexpected dangers may prompt the group to head to the Iberian Peninsula.

However, changing the filming location doesn’t necessarily mean that the show itself will change where the characters are. Another spin-off, Dead city Season 2 is currently filming in Massachusetts, but will still take place in the New York universe. However, given France’s unique architecture and famous locations, this is more likely Daryl Dixon Season 3 also changes where its characters are. This means that there will be a big change in Season 2, setting the stage for a very different sequel in the future.

Source: American Rider/YouTube