Soldiers of the BiH armed forces rescued a driver who died in an accident in a tunnel

Members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sergeant Asmir Tufekčija and Corporal Eldin Boloban, provided aid to the injured after a road accident in which one person died.

The accident occurred on the Mostar – Jablanica section, more precisely near the Selakovac tunnel, when a truck and two passenger cars collided.

Due to the force of the impact, the truck caught fire, and unfortunately one person died in the accident.

The gesture of the two soldiers who came to help in this serious accident deserves praise.

Namely, members of the 4th artillery battalion of PBR Livač in Mostar immediately provided assistance to the injured driver and called the police and fire brigade.

As Boloban said, without hesitation, they went towards the victims to help them.

“We drove up when we saw that there was a person in one of the cars who showed signs of life, but unfortunately the other person did not show any signs of life. We decided to help the injured driver and gave him first aid. We got him out of the vehicle, gave him water, washed him, and bandaged his arm.

He was then taken to a hospital in Mostar, as they told us, his life was not in danger,” Boloban said.

This is another confirmation that members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina wear the uniforms of our army for a reason and that they are ready to help wounded citizens at any time.