The head of the United Auto Workers union, Shawn Fain, is under investigation

Independent United Auto Workers Union the monitor is investigating union president Shawn Fain actions, as well as those of Secretary-Treasurer Margaret Mock following the shake-up in union leadership that has occurred over the past several months. Additionally, the researcher launches a separate probe into the unnamed case International Executive Board member for alleged embezzlement. WITH Detroit Free Press: :

The information is included in the monitor’s latest report, which was filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Detroit. The 36-page report, the result of a consent decree issued after a corruption scandal that sent former union leaders and auto executives to prison, paints a picture of a union that was uncooperative and slow to provide required documents. The monitor’s office says it may be necessary to ask the court to intervene if the situation does not change.

The report shows that the union asserts that it can withhold some documents due to their privileged nature, which the monitoring office disputes.

The issues involving Fain and Mock followed the union’s decision in February to reassign nine departments Mock supervised following criticism that she had engaged in misconduct by failing to meet a series of financial demands from Fain’s office and various other leaders. Mock, who has denied committing a crime, said the actions against her “were taken inappropriately in retaliation for her refusal or unwillingness to consent to certain expenditures of funds at the request of and/or for the benefit of persons in the president’s office,” according to the Ombudsman . report.

Fain is also under investigation after he stripped UAW Vice President Rich Boyer of oversight of the union’s Stellantis Department in May. The report said Fain issued a memo “alleging that this action was taken due to the vice president’s ‘dereliction of duty’ in connection with certain collective bargaining matters.”

But here’s the problem. The report says Boyer and others later confirmed this All right deleted Stellantis assignment in retaliation against him for “among other things, refusing to engage in financial misconduct for the benefit of others.”

In a statement provided to the Free Press, Fain said that “taking a new direction for our union means we have to hesitate at times, which upsets some people who want to maintain the status quo, but our members expect and deserve better.” than the current way of operating. We encourage the monitor to investigate any claims brought to its office because we know what they will find: UAW leadership committed to serving members and operating a democratic union. We are focused on winning record deals, growing our union, and fighting for economic and social justice on and off the job.”

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out for one of, if not THE most famous union bosses in the US

A version of this article originally appeared on Jalopnik’s Morning Shift.