Dead fish and possibly a goat found on the road to Marsa

Several dead fish and what a witness believes to be a goat were found on the side of the road near the Marsa Sports Club.

The discovery was made by an 18-year-old man who was walking along the Marsa Sports Club bypass, which stretches from Marsa Park and Ride to Aldo Moro Road.

He smelled the rotten fish before he actually saw the large fish carcasses.

Possible goat Photo: AnonymousPossible goat Photo: Anonymous

Just a few meters away, he also noticed a blue bag containing a dead animal, probably a goat.

It is illegal to leave dead animals in public places. When an animal dies, the owner is responsible for calling the Cleaning and Maintenance Department for assistance with the body or taking the animal to the Wasteserve incinerator in Marsa.

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