Ambulance attacked in Bengaluru: Three men attacked driver for overtaking with baby on board

Ensuring the passage of ambulances is essential to driver etiquette. However, a recent incident near Bengaluru sparked outrage on social media when three men attacked an ambulance driver for overtaking their vehicle. The ambulance was transporting a baby who urgently needed medical care. The three stopped the ambulance and reportedly attacked the driver.

“I was taking my child from Tumkur to Bengaluru. The child’s health condition was very serious. While driving, I overtook a vehicle. Then they came and attacked me. Whatever happened to me today shouldn’t happen to anyone else. I am asking for justice,” NDTV quoted the ambulance driver as saying after the incident.

The police identified the three accused and arrested them. They were identified as Yuvraj, Manjunath and Latish.

Here’s the viral video

The internet expressed anger over the incident and people demanded strict action against the accused.

“We have seen enough of such cases, it is high time to create a special, separate lane for ambulances, fire brigade and police vehicles. I know this doesn’t apply and is impractical considering shop owners are expanding their area and people are parking anywhere, but it has to be a solution for such critical public utility vehicles. We need a solution to this, every time there will be outrage for a few days or even weeks, but then everything will return to the same (SIC),” wrote one user on X.

Another demanded that the accused be put behind bars and punished for attempted murder. “Arrest and put them behind bars on potential attempted murder charges. About 5 years should give them enough time to reflect on their pathetic lives.”

“The right-of-way for an ambulance is rarely respected, but it is a higher-level crime. I remember that we were hit by an ambulance for 10 minutes while we were taking our 80-year-old unconscious grandmother, no one bothered to clear the road… fortunately, nothing serious happened to her and she survived. That was almost a decade ago. I hope things get better (SIC),” said a third, adding a personal anecdote.

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