Pune Accident Car Accident in Pune Overspeeding Car Hits Woman Caught in CCTV Footage Maharashtra News

Pune Accident: After a Porsche car accident in Pune, another accident occurred on the Mumbai-Bangalore highway in Maharashtra, following which the Hinjewadi police released the driver, citing lack of a formal complaint. The accident on May 23 was recorded on CCTV, and the footage shows a recklessly driven car hitting a woman walking on the side of the highway.

The impact caused the woman to be thrown several meters. The car then crashed into a nearby store. The incident took place at Bhujbal Chowk in Hinjewadi police jurisdiction of Pune.

Despite the apparent seriousness of the accident, the woman and her relatives did not file a complaint. As a result, the police did not register a case. According to ABP Majha, Hinjewadi police found that the woman was not seriously injured and therefore she and her family decided not to file a complaint against the driver.

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Pune Porche Accident

The incident took place after the fatal Porsche accident in Kalyani Nagar on May 19, which resulted in the death of two IT specialists. The IT specialists died after their motorcycle was hit by a speeding Porsche car driven by a 17-year-old boy, allegedly while intoxicated.

In the Porsche case, a Pune court on Monday extended the police custody of the parents of a minor boy and another accused in the destruction of evidence case, news agency PTI reported. The minor’s blood samples were swapped with those of his mother, Shivani Agarwal, to mislead the probe.

Shivani Agarwal and her husband Vishal Agrawal were arrested on suspicion of involvement in evidence tampering. According to a PTI report, police alleged that the couple, along with an intermediary named Ashpak Makandar, paid Rs 4 million to doctors at Sassoon Hospital for exchanging blood samples of the minor. “Rs 3 lakh was recovered from Dr Srihari Halnor and Sassoon Hospital employee Atul Ghatkamble. We have to recover the remaining Rs 1 lakh,” said the investigating officer.

The prosecutor’s office argued that interviewing the parents in custody was necessary because of the possibility of them destroying the original blood samples. “The intermediary Makandar was paid by the driver of the teenager’s father to facilitate the exchange of blood samples,” the prosecutor’s office told the court.

Defense lawyer Prashant Patil opposed the extension of custody, stating that the parents had already spent several days in police custody and further detention was unjustified. The minor boy is currently staying in an observation home.