The main character of Red Dead Redemption 3 should be “Dutch”, even if he is not Dutch

Overview of the most important events

  • Dutch Van Der Linde should have a strong influence on the main character of Red Dead Redemption 3, offering a complex and engaging character template.
  • While the Dutchman may not be the only option for the next game’s main character, his charismatic and loyal traits could prove to be beneficial for the new main character.
  • The clash between Dutch’s aggressive idealism and the changing times can even be explored from the perspective of a new character, adding depth to the story.

Red Dead Redemption 3 already has a strong influence on its hero in the form of the Dutchman Van Der Linde. This does not mean that Dutch is the only choice the creators have for the main character. After all, information about the next one Red Dead Redemption at this point it is still largely non-existent. However, there are some undeniable qualities that the Dutchman brings to the team that are worth taking a look at ahead of the next match in this series. This may be an advantage Red Dead Redemption 3the hero embodies some of these characteristics.

As a leader Red Dead RedemptionDutch, a member of the Van Der Linde gang, is one of the most important characters in the series so far. It was under his rule that the gang was created and operated, and unfortunately he also brought it to justice at the end of last year. to its destruction Red Dead Redemption 2. Dutch had undeniable charisma, which explains how he managed to gain so many allies. Yet he was unable to maintain the success he had achieved, which added to the tragedy of the story. Because of this, Dutch became an engaging and emotional antagonist for both Arthur and John.


Red Dead Redemption 3, under the leadership of Jack Marston, will preserve one of Arthur’s best traits

If Red Dead Redemption 3 chooses Jack Marston as its hero, it will also be a perfect opportunity to honor Arthur Morgan.

Dutch Van Der Linde could have a strong influence on the lead role in Red Dead Redemption 3

Dutch is not excluded in RDR3

It wouldn’t be a big shock if Rockstar did something Dutch Red Dead Redemption 3hero because there are some good stories to tell about his youth. The game could take players through his beginnings as an outlaw alongside Hosei, or perhaps how the gang was formed after Arthur Morgan joined them. Time before the events of Red Dead Redemption 2 has plenty of room to fill with the adventures of Dutchman Van Der Linde and company. However, the Dutch and Van Der Lindes have already covered most of this series, so Red Dead Redemption 3 maybe someone new.

The Dutchman was a complex character that caught the players’ attention

Dutch has some notable features that could be replicated even if Red Dead Redemption 3 has a clean slate with its heroes. Red Dead RedemptionThe Dutchman had several character traits that work well as both a hero and a villain. In addition to his charisma, Dutch was fiercely loyal to anyone he trusted, which explains the deep bonds that connect this game. At the same time, he was also an unpredictable man. While this was an advantage in the shootout, it also made his actual plans a bit scattered, especially towards the end of the gang. Each of these features fits the new hero like a glove.

The hero of RDR3 can face Dutch’s ideals in a new way

Dutch’s most notable trait may be his aggressive idealism. Dutch doesn’t want to give up his ambitions, even if he does Red Dead Redemption 2Tragic history made this impossible. This clash of idealism and circumstance would be interesting to watch from the perspective of a new hero, especially if the player has some influence on the ending. This would be especially true if the story took place later in the timeline, when the days of cowboys and outlaws are coming to an end. Red Dead Redemption 3The hero can also cling to his dreams and may have a chance for a better ending than the Dutchman.

Red Dead Redemption 3 doesn’t have to be Dutch’s star, but he can still be an inspiration. There will be a high bar Red Dead Redemption 3The plot will become clearer after the first two games, but Rockstar should have the tools to get there. The main character will be a key factor in the story and it may be helpful to imitate the Dutchman. The Dutchman Van Der Linde was not a perfect man. However, a hero as engaging as Dutch would do wonders Red Dead Redemption 3 as all.

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