‘I’m coming for your children’: Indiana man accused of threatening woman over Facebook fire pit sale

VALPARAISO, Ind. – A man was arrested Monday after allegedly threatening a woman on Facebook over a fire pit for sale at a market.

Christopher Schott, 55, of Hebron, is charged with intimidation after police responded to a home in north Valparaiso on Monday evening.

The woman told police that she had sold the fire pit to Schott on Facebook Marketplace for $30 about a week earlier.

According to the police report, the woman made the following alleged threats to police via Facebook Messenger after Schott stated that the fire pit was broken.

  • “I want my fucking money back! Or I’ll come back with a fucking Glock.
  • “You think you can get away from this, think again, bitch, I’m coming for your kids.”

The woman told Porter County police she feared the man would return because a fire pit sale was taking place at her home.

Schott was detained at his residence in Hebron.