Accused voyeur again?

An incident in a rural South Carolina town puts the accused ‘Airbnb voyeur’ back on the radar…

The man at the center of the Airbnb voyeurism scandal will face new eyes following an incident that occurred in Prosperity, South Carolina, earlier this year involving a teenage girl.

Rhett Riviere the city of Aiken, South Carolina made headlines in 2021 and 2022 when a wealthy landowner was civilly sued and faced criminal charges over allegations he secretly spied on multiple guests at various properties he rented. All these activities are still ongoing.

These stories were coming out at the time, lawyer Debbie Barbier – representing several victims in a civil case – called Riviere a “predator.”

“There is no telling how many people he has victimized,” Barbier said on July 22, 2022, at a bail hearing on voyeurism charges against Riviere.


This week, our media received a police report regarding an incident that occurred at the Dollar General store located on North Wheeler Avenue in Prosperity, South Carolina (approximately 45 miles north of Aiken).

According to a Prosperity police report (.pdf), a “very upset” teenager reported that she was standing in line at the store when she heard a camera “turn on” behind her.

“The complainant stated that when she turned around, the subject was not looking at her, and the complainant noticed that the subject’s phone was facing her butt,” the report said.

Surveillance footage obtained by this media outlet shows Riviere following the teenager through Dollar General and standing behind her as she waits to check out. In the video, Riviere can be seen holding something around his waist and pointing it at the teenager standing just a few feet in front of him.


(Click to see)


Although the resolution of the video is terrible, the young woman took a photo of Riviere as he was leaving the store. In this photo – included in the police report – Riviere is wearing clothes matching those seen in the video. The young woman also grabbed his license plate number as he was leaving the parking lot and gave it to authorities.

No charges have been filed in connection with the investigation into the incident.

Our media contacted Riviere’s lawyers but did not receive an immediate response. If we hear back, we will update this article with their response.

Stay tuned to these media outlets as new information emerges regarding various legal proceedings involving Riviere…



(Prosperity City, South Carolina)



(Photography by Travis Bell)

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