Police are installing grills to reduce the risk of accidents on Tumakuru Road

Bengaluru: Yeshwantpur traffic police closed the median and installed grills on the 700-meter stretch between Govardhan Cinemas and Vivekananda Memorial on Tumakuru Road to reduce the risk of pedestrian accidents.

While this stretch recorded four non-fatal accidents and zero fatalities in 2021, by 2023 it had experienced three non-fatal accidents and four non-fatal accidents.

The Yeshwantpur traffic police attributed the increase to pedestrians trying to cross the road despite the barricade in place.

Police installed two-meter-high grates between subway pillars to stop pedestrians crossing the street. As a result, the number of accidents dropped to zero.

“We wanted to reduce the number of accidents on this stretch as people would climb the barricades put up by the Namma Metro. After we set up these grills about three months ago, there have been no accidents on this stretch,” said an officer attached to Yeshwantpur station.

Published June 11, 2024, 10:10 p.m IST