Marion County Sheriff’s Officials Release Details About Elderly Sexual Battery Case

REDDICK, Fla. (WCJB) – Marion County Sheriff’s Office officials are releasing more information about the 91-year-old Reddick woman who was sexually assaulted and beaten in her home.

Officers say the woman called 911 early Sunday morning to report the incident after a man broke into her home.

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“At this time we do not know if this individual is a local individual, said Lt. Paul Bloom, spokesman for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. “The only description we have is that this was a male suspect, but I don’t know the age or anything else about this person. Size, height, whatever.”

Bloom says the woman is safe and their crisis and intervention specialists and victim advocates are working with the woman to ensure she is protected.

But deputies say people living nearby are also concerned about their safety.

‘Look at your neighbors. If you have an elderly neighbor, friend, or family member, check on them. Certainly for anyone who lives in that area, there is now a greater level of fear in their lives because of this incident,” Bloom added.

Following the burglary, officers are urging people to come forward with any information or surveillance video they have.

“If you saw anything suspicious in that area around midnight Saturday evening early Sunday morning, please let us know. This could be from someone who saw you walking or driving a vehicle. Anything can help investigators,” Bloom said.

Officers are trying to find the attacker and prevent this from happening again. A Crime Stoppers reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest.

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