Ben Potter accident: YouTube star dead at 40

Very sad news from the world of social media:

According to Potter’s wife, Nathalie, Ben Potter, a popular YouTube personality known on the platform as Comicstorian, died on June 8 as a result of an “unhappy accident.”

He was 40 years old.

Ben Potter on YouTubeBen Potter on YouTube
Ben Potter was a YouTube star until his death at the age of 40. (Youtube)

Ben Potter’s accident: how did the YouTuber-comician die?

Potter, had over a million subscribers on YouTube; he also created comic book radio plays on his Comicstorian account, often talking about the Marvel and DC universes.

“For many of you, he was a comic book artist, telling stories from many different media. To his loved ones, he was one of the best and most supportive people you could ask for,” Nathalie wrote on Twitter late in the afternoon.

“As a husband, a son, a brother, a friend and even just a stranger, Ben was loving and sincere. He was a person who could listen and find time for loved ones. He did his best to make everyone laugh and make sure they were okay.

“He was our rock and gave encouragement to his loved ones when they needed it.”

No further details about Potter’s death are available at this time, other than that it was an “unhappy accident.”

Comicstorian Channel and Legacy

Potter uploaded a total of almost 4,000 videos to YouTube and shared his last post – titled Why DC’s Reboots Beat Marvel – just a day before his death.

Nathalie said her spouse “was my world” and added:

“I need time to be with my friends and family. I have so much to think about, but first I need to grieve. Please respect my and everyone else’s privacy. My priority right now is to preserve everything he has built, and I have no plans beyond that.

“His channel was one of his greatest achievements and while we all need time to mourn him, I know he wouldn’t want it to end like this.”

Photo by Ben PotterPhoto by Ben Potter
We express our condolences to Ben Potter’s loved ones. (Youtube)

Potter began his career on YouTube over a decade ago, gaining many famous fans along the way.

For example, O’Shea Jackson Jr., son of Ice Cube and Kimberly Woodruff, was among those who paid tribute to Potter when he learned he was gone.

“Prayers to his loved ones. Long live Ben Potter,” Jackson Jr. wrote. online. “Be good. Hold your loved ones tight. I hope to see you soon.

Meanwhile, Nathalie assured followers that her husband’s channel will remain active.

“The team and I want to continue this. To honor him by continuing to tell great stories by great people, and to keep the memory of our own superhero alive,” she concluded. “We supported each other in everything we wanted to do and I have no intention of stopping now.”

May Ben Potter rest in peace.