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Authorities in Harris County, Texas are searching for two juveniles suspected of committing a shocking act early Thursday morning. Around 1 a.m. in the 12600 block of Drifting Woods Drive, surveillance cameras captured the shocking scene of a 6-week-old kitten being set on fire while running down the street while being chased by a dog, reportedly belonging to one of the suspects.

Witnesses, including Arleth Garcia, initially mistook the disturbing sounds for a party. “I heard laughter. I thought they were having a party outside or something,” Garcia recalled. But once outside, Garcia and his friend encountered a much grimmer reality. “The video was terrible. I mean, that cat was burning for a while and was in a lot of pain,” said Harris County Precinct 1 Officer Alan Rosen.

In a desperate attempt to save the kitten, Garcia’s friend tried to extinguish the flames with water and clumps of grass, but their efforts were in vain. The severely injured cat was taken by fire brigade deputies and the SPCA to a veterinarian, where she had to be euthanized due to the extent of her injuries.

Constable Rosen expressed his horror at this event, stating: “I saw people cutting down animals. I’ve seen a lot of different things. I haven’t seen many animals set on fire.”

After the fact, Garcia confronted one of the suspects, who denied any involvement, placing the blame on the other juvenile. “She just said, ‘It wasn’t me. It was not me. It was the other guy,’ and this and that, and then she just went inside with the dog while the cat was still on fire,” Garcia recalled.

Rosen confirmed that his office has identified the suspects, who are believed to be between 10 and 15 years old, although they have not yet been interviewed. Acting on a tip, deputies executed a search warrant at a residence associated with the suspects. They took two dogs, seven puppies and one cat, all of which were found without adequate shelter, water or food. A hearing regarding the custody of these animals is scheduled for next week.

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