Japan launches UFO investigation after being called a “hotspot” for sightings

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Picture: : Department of Defense (AP)

Japan formed a task force to investigate UFOs after a Pentagon report last year called the country a “hotspot” of strange aerial sightings.

CBS reports that a given group what is known officially as the League for the Explanation of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena for a Security-Oriented National Security, recently began its work. This announced back in Mayand is composed of many senior parliamentary officials, including former Japanese defense officials. However, the group doesn’t seem particularly concerned with finding evidence of aliens. CBS reports that officials affiliated with the group say the UFOs may actually be “surveillance drones or weapons.”

One prominent member of the group, Yoshiharu Asakawa, said that while UFOs are usually viewed as a “secret matter,” it is possible that they are actually “modern secret weapons or disguised spy drones” that could “pose a serious security threat our nation,” CBS reports.

Japan was named a center of unexplained aerial activity in a report issued last year by the All-Domain Anomaly Responses Office (AARO), a little-known office of the U.S. Department of Defense. Since then, the country has become increasingly interested in studying this phenomenon.

Japan’s efforts mirror similar efforts by the United States and other Western countries in recent years. Last summer, the US Congress in particular held a hearing on this issue public hearing on UFOs, during which many former government officials claimed there was a government cover-up. Meanwhile, the newly passed law will force the US National Archives to do so collect all government documents related to UFOs and publish them for public viewing.

I wish the Japanese good luck, although it is worth noting that the UFO topic has existed for centuries and people have been trying to get to the bottom of it for just as long. It’s hard to believe that anyone will make any serious progress now.