An investigation has been launched after a woman fell off a ferry into the water near Ardrossan

An investigation is underway after a woman fell from the Calmac Ferry into the Firth of Clyde.

A spokesman said the woman was traveling on the Isle of Arran when she fell overboard at around 8.25pm ​​on Monday evening as the ship approached Ardrossan on the North Ayrshire coast.

It is understood she was rescued and brought back on board by ferry staff and taken to hospital for tests upon reaching the mainland.

An internal investigation is currently underway to clarify the circumstances of the incident. The woman’s condition remains unclear.

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Craig Ramsay, director of fleet management at CalMac, said: “As the Isle of Arran approached Ardrossan on the evening of Monday 10 June, a passenger entered the water and was quickly recovered by the ship’s rescue boat, in accordance with emergency procedures regularly followed by the crew.

“There will now be an investigation into the circumstances, in line with our protocol regarding this situation. I would like to thank all colleagues and emergency services for their quick response.”