Woman accused of killing 3-year-old in random attack giggling in court

Posted at 11:36, June 11, 2024
AND last updated at 11:51, June 11, 2024

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, Ohio (Scripps News Cleveland/Court TV) – An Ohio woman accused of murdering a toddler in a random attack outside a grocery store appeared in court Monday, where her detention was repeatedly reopened because of her behavior.

Bianca Ellis appears in court

Bianca Ellis appeared at a court hearing on charges of killing a child outside a grocery store. (Scripps News Cleveland)

Bionca Ellis is accused of allegedly fatally stabbing 3-year-old Julian Wood last week in the parking lot of a Giant Eagle grocery store in North Olmstead, Ohio. According to authorities, Ellis allegedly stole two knives from the Volunteers of America store and then went to a nearby grocery store where she spotted Margot Wood pushing her 3-year-old son, Julian, in a stroller.

Investigators say Wood was returning to her car when Ellis ran up to them with a knife and stabbed the child. When Margot tried to pull the baby to safety, Ellis allegedly stabbed her as well. Margot was injured but survived the attack. Authorities said they believed the victims were targeted at random.

After her hearing last week, Bionka Ellis’ case was transferred to Cuyahoga County, where two stays were held during her arraignment on Monday.

When Judge Nancy Russo first spoke to Ellis, she refused to recognize the judge or answer questions. During her second video appearance before the judge, she stated that she “didn’t know” whether the indictment had been read to her.

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Russo said the case could become a death penalty case based on the indictment. The lawyer tried to waive his right to arraignment, but the judge replied, “This could be a capital murder case, I don’t think that’s appropriate.”

For Ellis’ third arraignment attempt, the court brought her downstairs to appear in person before the judge.

Ellis refused to acknowledge her indictment and stated that she did not want to read it or have her lawyer read it to him.

Russo read the indictment aloud, and Ellis smiled as she listened to the charges against her. When Russo asked if Ellis was going to plead not guilty, she initially giggled and said “si” rather than answering “yes” or “no.” Finally she said yes.

Before Russo was released on bail, Julian Wood’s father, Jared Wood, spoke on behalf of his family. “Your honor, she took everything from us a week ago,” Wood said. “Nothing will replace my son or anything that me, my wife and even my other children go through. This is terrible.” Wood told the judge, “Do everything you can to keep this monster behind bars,” and asked the judge to deny bail.

Russo set the highest bail she could for Ellis: $5 million.

Last week, her bail was set at $1 million in Rocky River. During these proceedings, Ellis also refused to raise her head.

According to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office, a grand jury indicted Ellis on the following charges:

  • One count of aggravated murder
  • Two counts of murder
  • Two counts of attempted murder
  • Two counts of felonious assault
  • One count of Dangerous Children
  • One count of tampering with evidence
  • One count of misdemeanor theft