Former McDonald’s employee charged with raping teenage co-workers in Pennsylvania

CLEARFIELD, Pa. (WTAJ) – A former McDonald’s employee in Clearfield has been charged with raping two teenage girls he worked with.

Police said they were alerted to a possible rape after the teenage employee spoke to a counselor about what had happened. According to the charges, the investigation led to Taylor James English, 29, of Curwensville.

English was accused of forcing the teenager to have sex with him in June 2023 behind the Super 8 Motel located next to McDonald’s on Clearfield Shawville Highway after and before her shift. The teenager described the events in detail, saying that the Englishman held her by the hips and had intercourse with her. She then told police he threatened to kill her family if she didn’t say it was with her consent, the criminal complaint says.

It was alleged that English also raped another co-worker, who was 16 at the time. Store management told police that English was transferred to the night shift and was eventually fired for bringing a gun to work, according to the charges.

I was devastated to learn of these allegations last summer. As a small business owner in Clearfield, it is extremely important to me that my employees feel safe and protected at work. Harassment or assault of any kind has absolutely no place in our organization. Immediately after learning of these complaints, we took action to suspend and ultimately terminate this former employee’s employment.

Owner and operator of McDonald’s on Clearfield Shawville Highway

Police recorded that the first victim, who told them the English video, called her and threatened her with a gun to continue to claim that they had consensual sex. Police later confirmed that the gun they described belonged to a woman English was dating at the time.

During the investigation, police said the teen described a location behind the motel and stated there was a red refrigerator with a white lid. Police noted that they found a refrigerator that no one could see unless they reached the bushes behind the motel.

English was charged with rape, witness intimidation, sexual assault, witness intimidation, unauthorized possession of a firearm and lesser charges.

Court documents show that an English subpoena was issued in July for a preliminary hearing.