Check new EMS results for RGUHS 2024

Check the new RGUHS Health Nursing EMS Results 2024

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) uses the Examination Management System (EMS) portal to publish examination results, including examinations for health nursing programs. Here’s how to check yours:

1. Visit the RGUHS website

Please visit the official website of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences:

2. Find the results section

On the RGUHS website, scroll to the “Results” section. This section may be accessible directly from the home page or listed under tabs such as “Exams” or “Students”.

3. Find the link to the EMS portal

In the “Results” section, look for a link that mentions “EMS Portal” or “Candidate Login for EMS Results.” This link will take you to the portal where your nursing test results are available.

4. Access Results EMS Results for RGUHS Health Nursing 2024

After clicking the link to the Exam Management System portal, complete the following steps:

  • The portal would require login details. When applying for the exam, use your registration number or registration number provided by RGUHS.
  • Look for a section dedicated to “Results” or “Candidate Login.”
  • Enter your login details and select the specific health nursing exam you have passed (e.g. B.Sc. Nursing).
  • Your RGUHS results will be displayed with detailed information such as marks obtained, pass/fail status and overall mark.

Final thoughts on checking the new RGUHS Health Nursing EMS Result 2024

Although this guide describes the general steps, RGUHS may offer a direct link to the EMS results page for the Health Nursing exams. Look for such announcements or links on the university’s website.

RGUHS also publishes the examination results on scheduled dates. Please make sure you check the portal after the official announcement date of the specific health nursing exam.

Ultimately, following these steps should help you effectively access your healthcare outcomes in the RGUHS EMS portal. Please remember that your registration number or RGUHS registration number is the key to check your results on the Examination Management System portal.

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