The artist was part of the 1017 Gucci Mane label

Texas-based rapper Enchanting has died after an overdose that reportedly left her in intensive care.

– She has been coming to my house for the last four days to cleanse herself. She tried her best and I did everything I could to help her, she tried,” a representative from her management team told The Shade Room.

The star, whose real name is Channing Nicole Larry, 26, signed a contract with the Gucci Mane 1017 label earlier this year.

Larry’s boyfriend, MotionGod Bandman, posted a photo of the pair on Facebook with the caption: “You finally found the peace you were looking for. You all hurt me very much.

Channing Nicole Larry, 26, also known as Enchanting, is in intensive care in Texas, her sister said in a Facebook post
The star signed a contract with the Gucci Mane 1017 label earlier this year

Kay Jay, Larry’s sister, said around 4 a.m. ET that the rapper was still alive: “He’s still fighting!! She’s not dead.

She added that people misunderstood Larry’s boyfriend’s Facebook post in which he posted a broken heart emoji along with a photo of Larry.

One of her label mates, K Shiday, condemned the false reports on Instagram. “I don’t know what (else) to really say but I’m still praying and these blogs and whoever told them are not shit. I want everyone to know that we are all praying and she is still with us.”

Larry’s profile remains active on the 1017 website. The bio states that Larry began pursuing music after graduating from high school.

The website quotes the rapper as describing her style as “Trap-n-Blues.”

“Other people can relate to what I’m saying. I can help someone in any situation, they can listen to me and find peace,” she said.

Larry’s YouTube page has generated four million total views, with approximately 660,000 monthly plays on Spotify.

In 2020, Larry appeared on the compilation album Gucci Mane Presents: So Icy Summer.

In addition to his music career, Larry is also the creator of OnlyFans, where he boasts over 25,000 likes.

Larry explained in a 2021 interview how she was born an Army brat in Germany and then moved to Atlanta before the family settled in Fort Worth, where she calls it home.

In 2023, Larry was profiled by the Dallas Observer. She told the portal about her musical beginnings in the church choir and about being a cheerleader in high school. After graduating, she dabbled in hair and nail art before moving into hip-hop.

“I feel like music has always been easy for me. I always felt that I was musically inclined. “I thought I should put more time and effort into it because it felt natural, you know, instead of trying to impose talent,” she said.

Message from Larry’s boyfriend on Tuesday morning

During this time, Larry worked with producer J. White, who had previously created hits for Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion and Gucci Mane.

Larry also spoke about her love for the growing number of female hip-hop artists.

“It looks like more and more women will continue to explode. I feel like it used to be a male-dominated sport and now it’s becoming more and more female-dominated. I like that in girls,” she said.

In December 2022, Larry was among the rappers paying tribute to his friend and labelmate Big Scarr, who died of an accidental drug overdose at the age of 22.

Larry wrote on her Instagram story: “Ion wants to talk. Sorry if I don’t reply. I just can’t” and a broken heart emoji.

She also shared a photo of the rapper, writing, “My love, my best friend, my son, I love you forever and I’m so sorry,” along with a broken heart emoji.

The news was followed by a clip of the hug: “I’ll do anything to hug you again.”