Bus hits society wall in Noida, Momos seller dies

Noida: A bus carrying employees of a private company rammed into the boundary wall of a group housing society in Noida on Tuesday, killing a fast food vendor who had set up his shop outside the housing complex, police said.

The deceased was identified as Deepak (30) from Nepal, while his younger brother Sushil (18) suffered serious injuries in the accident and was taken to hospital in a critical condition, police said.

However, eyewitnesses claimed that one other person working at the Momo stand was injured in the episode.

The bus rammed into an apartment building about five meters after colliding with the boundary wall and was only 10-15 meters from one of the low-rise buildings in the estate before crashing perpendicularly on the inner perimeter road of the estate.

Shortly after the incident, several residents, including women and children, gathered at the site. Some kitchen utensils, steamers, vegetables and other items were also found under the bus.

Police and eyewitnesses estimated that there were around 20-25 passengers in the bus when the incident occurred at 6.54 pm on the road near Shri Ram Apartments in Sector 118, below the limits of Sector 113 police station.

They said the distraught bus passengers went to their homes soon after the accident, while the conductor and driver fled the scene, leaving the vehicle behind.

“One person died during treatment at the hospital, the other was injured but is undergoing treatment at the district hospital. According to preliminary information, the bus is registered to a private travel agency and was carrying some passengers,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (Noida) Vidya Sagar Mishra told PTI.

“The driver was apparently unable to negotiate the curve and instead drove the bus into the boundary wall of the estate. How all this happened is part of the investigation and will become clear once the driver is arrested,” Mishra said.

According to eyewitnesses, the bus was traveling from Sector 74/75 towards Sector 122 and the driver apparently lost control of the vehicle on a bend in front of the society.

Bhagat Singh, owner of the fast food stall where Deepak worked, told reporters that he was at the spot when the incident occurred.

“The bus was traveling at high speed. I caught the bus driver, but I was alone and had no other support, so he ran away. When I caught him, he was drunk (under the influence of alcohol)” – Singh, resident of Shri Ram It is claimed that the apartments.

“I started this mom stand four months ago. Deepak and Sushil lived in the nearby village of Sorkha. Pawan was also injured in the accident. All three were from Nepal,” Singh added.

Meanwhile, police implemented diversions on a section of the road from around 8.45pm after a crane was called in to remove the bus.

Published June 11, 2024, 20:46 IST