Is Kate Middleton Receiving Cancer Treatment in Houston, Texas?

Earlier this year, the internet was buzzing about Kate Middleton’s whereabouts. There were several conspiracy theories circulating about her “disappearance”, but the Princess of Wales quickly announced that she was battling cancer. Now the internet is speculating that she might be receiving cancer treatment in Houston, Texas.

As of June 11, there have been no updates from Buckingham Palace regarding Middleton’s cancer treatments. In her video posted on March 22 on her social media account shared with Prince William, she did not reveal what type of cancer she had been diagnosed with. She said she will be undergoing “preventative chemotherapy” since it is in the early stages.

Rumors surrounding her disappearance were sparked in March after Middleton had not been seen in public since her reported abdominal surgery on January 14.

Why would the Princess of Wales receive cancer treatment in Houston, Texas?

Houston, Texas is home to the MD Anderson Cancer Center, a leading treatment and research-focused cancer hospital. According to TikTok user @matta_of_fact, whose account is dedicated to royal family news, rumors have circulated that Middleton has been spotted several times in Houston and her security has been observed at MD Anderson.

@matta_of_fact Kate Middleton spotted in Houston TX? 👀 I’m spilling the big tea on my #royal theory about #KateMiddleton receiving cancer treatment outside the UK ☕️ (in the US, no less) #royals #royalfamily #princesskate #princessofwales #britishroyals #royalnews #royaltea #royalty #britishroyalfamily #royalgossip #royalnews #royalupdates ♬ “Moonlight” in the dream (Beethoven) – LEOPARD

A thread was posted on the Houston subreddit stating that their friends who stayed at the St. Regis in Houston had seen the Princess of Wales.

Kate Middleton – Princess of Wales byu/legitiam inhouston

In @matta_of_fact’s TikTok, it is speculated that Middleton may be traveling back and forth between the US and UK for treatment and is receiving support from her direct family, while Prince William attends engagement at the palace.

It is also assumed that royal reporters have an understanding, or perhaps even a palace briefing, that Middleton is receiving treatment in Texas, but this should not be reported for her private life.

As of June 11, these hypotheses were only speculations and no confirmation has been obtained from Buckingham Palace.

@matta_of_fact An update on #KateMiddleton’s return to #royal duties – and my current findings on where she’s been 👑☕️ #royals #royaltea #royalfamily #princesskate #princessofwales #royalty #britishroyalfamily #britishroyals #royalnews #royalexpert #royalscandal #royalgossip #royaldrama #royal ♬ Chill and sweet lo-fi/10 minutes(1455687) – nightbird_bgm

No matter where Middleton receives cancer treatment, it is important that the American public and paparazzi respect her privacy, something royal reporters in British media appear to have been practicing since her surgery in January.

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